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Traditional Thai Massage

  ...Thousands of years in the making for effective bodywork

  2500 years  ago a therapeutic health technique of bodywork was developed called Thai Massage.   Much emphasis is placed on pressure points, kneading, long strokes and streching. Thai Massage stimulates and balances the flow of healing energy within the body.  It will open areas  which are blocked bringing the clinic into deeper balance and harmony for health, happiness and wellness of being. This system creates a powerful release of stress and tension, and an increase in vitality as it deepens the connection between mind, body and spirit.  Thai Massage is one of the best therapeutic massage/bodywork treatment available for chronic pain and sports injuries. It promotes total relaxation and stress reduction. This treatment will help relieve muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically.  Athletes or anyone who participates in strenuous exercise such as cycling, running, dancing, golfing, swimming, wrestling, working out yoga practitioner or weight lifting. helps to relax the muscles, increase flexibility and allow the body to recuperate.




Panida  specializes in Hair Styles,  Hair color, Skin care, Hair extension, Eyelash extension, Lash Lift, Body Treatment, wax, massage therapy and yoga Instructor.She is a Certified/Licensed California Cosmetologist, Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor. She is a native from Thailand.  She also obtained her BS in Accounting from Bangkok University. After obtaining her therapy license she worked for different local companies and obtained more experience and expertise in Thai, Swedish, Western & Asian Sport, Hot-Stone Therapy, Cupping and Thai-foot massage, Lymphatic massage. She has trained in the Thailand Temple of Bangkok.  

Our Philosophy

 "Health is our heritage, our right. It is the complete and full union between soul, mind and body; and this is no difficult faraway ideal to attain, but one so easy and natural that many of us have overlooked it.”


Dr.  Edward Bach, 1930 


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