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Chemical Peels

Ageless Peel                                        $95  
This peel will help a reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Redues discoloration and pigmentation.Improvement of skin texture. Give the skin a lighter, brighter appearance. Assists with healthy cell turnover.

SLR Peel                                               $125
This peel is a Modified Jessner with an efective blend of acids to deeply exfoliate,soften, and create a more even your skin tone.This peel will help reduction of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, reduces discoloration and pigmentation, reduces the appearance of scars, give the skin lighter, brighter appreance and improvement texture.

TCA Peel                                              $145
ThisTCA medical gread peel will a reduction of clogged pores and acne, Reduction of appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, Reduces discoloration and pigmentation, Reduces the appearance of scars, Improvement of skin texture, Has anti-inflammatory properties.

Deep Sea Herbal  Peel                           $195
This peel is organic formulation that delivers a smooth peel and natural exfoliation of the skin used to demineralize, control sebum, improve texture,maiantain purity, moisture, and elasticity of the skin. This will help a reduction of fine lines, wrinkle, scars ,Improvement of congested and acne, discoloration &pigmentation and Improvement of Skin texture.

Anti-anging V lift                                     $60
This will help Forehead Wrinkle Improvement, Sagging Pore Shrinkage,Improved Broken Chin Line.

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